Shipping Policy 运输政策

  1. How many days for delivery of my orders? 我的订单需要多少天到达?
    Delivery normally will take 1-7 working days. You may email to us if you still unable to receive the items within the delivery periods so that our customer service representative will help you to check with the courier service.
  1. What are the shipping fees/rates? 请问运费是多少?
    We do offer FREE SHIPPING for all the products within West Malaysia only (excluded for East Malaysia). For oversea customers, you may email us at in order to get the shipping rates for the items that you have chosen. 我们为马来西亚境内(西马而已,,东马另计)的所有产品提供免费送货。对于海外客户,您可以给我们发送电子邮件至以获取所选商品的运费。
    Failed to track my order. What I need to do? 如果我无法获取订单的资料,那我应该如何是好。

  2. If you are unable to track your package on the order tracking page, please contact us at with your order number and the item’s details. We will assist you to resolve the issue with immediate action.

  3. How do I track My Order Status? 如何跟踪我的订单状态?
    You can track your order online 24 hours/7 days by following these steps:您可以按照以下步骤24小时/ 7天全天候在线跟踪订单:
    Step 1: Go to or click My Account > Order Tracking
    步骤一:请浏览或按My Account > Order Tracking

    Step 2: Enter your order number and email address

    Step 3: Press “Track” to process