EVERY MORNING SDN BHD is a Malaysian health food company founded in 2019. The first product of the company was the “Grainlive”, a healthy grain cereal meal replacement.

EVERY MORNING, a cheerful and aspiring name which the company aims to shape a healthier lifestyle among the society. With strong dedication, EVERY MORNING strives to producing healthy food products that are both convenient and nutrient balanced. In this fast-paced modern life, health seems to be unintentionally neglected.

Nowadays, everyone is packed with a busy schedule and tend to seek for fast and convenient solution, especially daily meals. Fast food and eat out frequently results in excessive intake of oil, salt, sugar, MSG, etc; and lack of exercise have increased the risk of suffering from various diseases. By adopting advices from professional dietitians and doctors, EVERY MORNING has finally succeeded in launching their very first product, the “GRAINLIVE”, which allows us to consume every stage, especially during the food production process.


The entire process was closely monitored and strictly abides to the standard requirements, mainly focuses on the procurement of raw materials, processing and production, quality inspection and sales process. The company manages the A-Z process in a systematic manner to ensure the products are delivered in good condition and assured food safety. Products generate income for a company; however the Team is the assets of a company. Besides providing healthy food products to consumer, EVERY MORNING also aims to cultivate efficient and resilient working teams to enhance our market competitiveness. Having the combination of good products and dedicated teams is definitely the key to sustainable development. 

EVERY MORNING SDN BHD 天天晨曦成立于2019年,是马来西亚一家健康食品企业。公司首款产品为“Grainlive ”,以代餐为主的健康饮品。

EVERY MORNING,一个充满希望和阳光的名字。一日之计在于晨,EVERY MORNING致力于生产既方便又营养均衡的健康食品,陪伴您踏出健康生活的每一步。现代社会步伐紧凑,健康成了牺牲代价。无论你是学生或是社会人士,每日的行程皆排得满满。在忙碌的生活里,凡事都讲求快捷方便,尤其是一日三餐。


长期外食,提高了油,盐,糖,味精等的摄取量,再加上少量运动,间接提高了患上各种疾病的风险。针对现代人的饮食习惯,EVERY MORNING 采纳专业营养师及医生的建议,经历了一系列研究与尝试,终于成功研发了公司首款产品-“GRAINLIVE”,让忙碌的现代人拥有方便的营养补给方式,轻松摄取均衡营养,开启活力的一天!EVERY MORNING 对于产品制作工程相当严谨,从原料采购,加工生产,质量检验及销售过程都加以控制与监督。公司以系统化的方式管理A-Z流程,降低成品瑕疵机率,确保食品安全。产品是企业的收入来源,而团队则是企业的资产。EVERY MORNING 不仅为顾客提供健康食品,更旨在培育高效率的实力派工作团队,以提高市场竞争力。拥有好产品和强大的团队,绝对是企业长寿的秘诀。

Vision 远景

EVERY MORNING SDN BHD strives to develop more variety of healthy food products in order to make positive changes in lives.

EVERY MORNING 企业将不断研发更多健康良品,让所有生命更有价值。

Mission 使命

Contribute to the society by promoting healthy lifestyle and diet. EVERY MORNING aims to cultivate a team that able to lead EVERY MORNING to the top of the health food industry.

以健康为本,贡献社会。EVERY MORNING 企业将培育卓越团队,将品牌带领至健康食品界尖端。