Return & Refund Policy 退货和退款政策

  1. This Return and Refund policy shall only be applicable for home delivery shopping via Every Morning Store Online ( only.
    本退货和退款政策仅限用于Every Morning 网店(。

  2. Every Morning Sdn Bhd (Every Morning) shall use its best efforts to ensure that Orders are correctly fulfilled. Should there be any discrepancy of Products delivered and the Customer wishes for return and refund, please notify us by completing and submitting the online form posted in our website within seven (7) days upon receiving the Products. We will contact the Customer within seven (7) days after receipt of the completed form online to direct the Customer of the procedures in respect of the return of Products and refund. The Customer is advised to wait for our instruction for the next course of action. In the event the Customer does not receive any reply from us after the aforesaid period, please contact us either by e-mail at or call Every Morning Store Online hotline at +604-5873880 for enquiries.
    Every Morning Sdn Bhd (Every Morning) 会尽全力以正确地履行订单。如客户对于产品有些不满并希望能够进行退货或退款,请在收货后(7天内)填写好表格并通知我们。本公司将会在(7天内)与客户联系,我们将会通知客户下一步骤与行动方案。如果客户在上述期限未收到本公司的任何答复,请通过电子邮件( 与本公司联系,或是致电本公司热线电话号码: +604-5873880进行查询。

  3. Return/Exchange of Products or refund can be arranged under the following reasons:
    1. if the Product is out of date or expired; or
    2. if the wrong Product which is different from the Order is delivered.
    Provided Always that the Customer shall return or caused to be returned to Every Morning the aforesaid Products unused and in its original condition, quantity and packaging as it is first delivered to the Customer together with the proof of Order, payment and delivery of the Products.
    始终规定,客户应将未使用的上述产品退回或安排退还给Every Morning,并应保持其原始状态,数量和包装(首次交付给客户时)以及产品的订购证明,付款和交货证明。
  4. If any Product which was not included in the Customer’s Order is delivered to the Customer, Every Morning shall collect the Product from the Customer.
    如果将未包含在客户订单中的任何产品交付给客户,Every Morning将有权向客户收回此产品。

  5. If the Customer has been charged for a Product which has not been delivered, Every Morning shall refund the Customer the value of the Product as originally charged to the Customer.
    如果客户付款了但产品并无送到给客户,Every Morning必须原银奉还于客户。

  6. If a Customer is charged more than the value of a Product as displayed on the site when the Customer makes its Order, Every Morning shall refund to the Customer the difference.
    如果客户付款的款项多过于订单的款项,Every Morning必须把差额奉还于客服。

  7. Every Morning will only accept refund or return within 14 days from the invoice date.
    Every Morning只接纳订单日期14天内的退货或退款。

  8. All requested return/refund will take at least 2 days for inspection.

  9. The Customer is required to send back the affected Product(s) to us via a reliable courier service company to our Every Morning’s warehouse at the following address:-
    Every Morning Sdn Bhd
    No. 40, Jalan Perniagaan Vorteks 4,
    Pusat Perniagaan Vorteks,
    14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang,

  10. 客户必须有责任的把产品邮寄至本公司仓库,仓库地址如下:
    Every Morning Sdn Bhd,
    No. 40, Jalan Perniagaan Vorteks 4,
    Pusat Perniagaan Vorteks,
    14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang,

  11. The Customer shall be responsible for the risks and condition of the Product to be returned until it reaches us at our warehouse. Every Morning will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Product prior to the Product is received by us. The Customers are advised to pack safely the Product to prevent any loss or damage to the Product or its box or its original packaging.
    客户必须承担所有的风险与状况,以确保产品安全地邮寄到本仓库。Every Morning对产品的任何损失或损坏一概不负责任。在此,本公司建议客户安全地包装产品,以防止对产品或其包装盒或原始包装造成任何损失或损坏。

  12. When a refund is processed as per our Return and Refund policy, the money will be refunded to the Customer using the same payment method that was originally used for the purchase. Here’s how the refund process works:根据我们的退货和退款政策,当退款被处理时,款项将通过与最初购买时相同的付款方式退还给客户。以下是退款流程的详细说明:

    1. Credit Card or Debit Card Payments:
      If the Customer made the purchase using a credit card or debit card, the refund will be credited back to the same card. It may take a few business days for the refund to appear on the Customer’s card statement, depending on the issuing bank’s processing time.

    2. Bank Transfer Payments:
      If the original payment was made through a bank transfer, the refund will be processed by transferring the refund amount back to the same bank account from which the payment was made. The Customer will need to provide accurate bank account details for this purpose.


It’s important to note that the timing of the refund appearing in the Customer’s account can vary depending on the payment method, the bank or financial institution involved, and any applicable processing times. Customers are encouraged to check the account statements or contact the payment provider for specific details regarding the refund.